SPKTRA ApS – Vision Control

The Next Generation Hyperspectral Camera

Complete Hyperspectral Imaging Solution

We have developed the next generation of hyperspectral cameras in-house, with the desire to create a cost-effective and usable solution that can be used across many different applications.

Our custom made light modules illuminates the objects under inspection. Our light module is custom designed to maximize consistency and precision under any conditions, with finely tuned LEDs.

InSpek software solution, specifically tailored to our hyperspectral cameras. Created to allow operators to focus on marking what is desired to separate and monitor.

The potential to change everything

At SPKTRA we are passionate about hyperspectral imagning technologies and are working diligently to bring this revolutionary technology to everyone with the use for it.

We are working hard to make our hyperspectral imaging technology more broadly useable with our specialised snapshot function, that speeds up your quality assurance, freeing your valuable resources and making it easy to use. With a desire to make a packed solution that is scalable and can be customised to fit your needs, we believe we can disrupt the way automated quality assurance is approached.