SPKTRA ApS – Vision Control

The Next Generation Hyperspectral Camera

SPKTRAs products are build on passion and a desire to innovate

The next generation in snapshot hyperspectral cameras. Our new MKIII camera is capable of capturing even more details then ever before.

Our custom designed light modules insure consistency and precision under any condition, with it’s finely tuned LEDs.

Neural network made easy and convenient and always available at the push of a button – our with our custom pc, locally and on-site.

The potential to change everything

At SPKTRA we are passionat about hyperspectral imagning technologies and are working diligently to bring this revolutionary technology to everyone with the use for it.

We are working hard to make our hyperspectral imaging technology more brodly useable with our specialised snapshot function, that speeds up the process of using this technology, but also makes it easier to use and with a desire to make a packed solution that is scalable and can be customised to fit your needs, we believe with can disrupt the way automated quality assurance is approached.

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Click on the button below and let us show you how an integration with our technology could be and what is needed for that to happen, but also what we can offer.

The Future is Now

See our latest model in snapshot hyperspectral imaging cameras.


Our goals are to improve the precision, quality and speed of vision inspection solutions, with the use of snapshot hyperspectral imagning, and the advances within neural networking and high-end computation, to make for a all-in-one packed solution.


To make the daunting task of quality control easier, faster and more reliable through an ease of use combination of technology and software, that bringes you more control over your real-time data.



Through advanced hardware and software and a plug’n’play installation, we can improve the overall quality of your vision inspection solution.