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Christina Houtved Pinderup Christensen

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Bjørn Dideriksen

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Christian Hansen

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Trekanten 2
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The journey to create the next generation snapshot hyperspectral camera

SPKTRA was founded in 2022 by Bjørn Dideriksen with the goal to create an all-in-one solution for hyperspectral imaging. The company expanded In 2023 when Christian Hansen joined and Christina Christensen in 2024.

At SPKTRA our goal is to evolve the technology of hyperspectral imaging with our in-house InSpec neural networking software and Mk3 hyperspectral camera, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the process of calculating the huge amount of data that usually is associated with this techonology. With the creation of our snapshot technology we overcoma this obstacle, and are setting our sights on making all this come together into an all-in-one solution that will change the industry forever!

While the human eye is able to see a certain range of light, our hyperspectral imaging camera sees the entire spectrum. Through a non-invasive and non-destructive procedure, you are able to detect irregularities, determine food quality, and identify contaminants. Quality, automation, and ease of use is part of our DNA. Our hyperspectral imaging software and camera are essential tools for food quality control and analysis in the hyperspectral imaging market.

Our innovative software is designed in-house to provide affordable and accurate hyperspectral imaging solutions for food quality analysis and control. Our in-house developed machine learning algorithms compares the captured data to a set of baseline data to produce a quality verdict.

All processing is handled on our secure in-house servers, ensuring the privacy and protection of your data. With all necessary certificates in place, our clients can trust that their information is being handled by a reliable and trustworthy company.