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While the human eye is able to see a certain range of light, our hyperspectral imaging camera sees the entire spectrum. Through a non-invasive and non-destructive procedure, you are able to detect irregularities, determine food quality, and identify contaminants. Quality, automation, and ease of use is part of our DNA. Our hyperspectral imaging software and camera are essential tools for food quality control and analysis in the hyperspectral imaging market.

Our innovative software is designed in-house to provide affordable and accurate hyperspectral imaging solutions for food quality analysis and control. Our in-house developed machine learning algorithms compares the captured data to a set of baseline data to produce a quality verdict.

All processing is handled on our secure in-house servers, ensuring the privacy and protection of your data. With all necessary certificates in place, our clients can trust that their information is being handled by a reliable and trustworthy company.

Pioneering Hyperspectral Imaging in the Name of Sustainability

Hyperspectral imaging offers a powerful solution to address sustainability issues in the food production sector. It provides precise hyperspectral imaging analysis and applications for food quality control, enabling us to reduce food waste and enhance food quality. In Denmark, where food waste is a significant concern, hyperspectral imaging software assists us in identifying and mitigating food waste issues efficiently.

Our commitment to ethical food production is underpinned by hyperspectral imaging’s capabilities. It allows us to implement ethical food production examples and research to ensure that our practices align with the highest standards. Through hyperspectral imaging for food quality analysis and control, we can optimize our processes to minimize waste and improve the sustainability of our food production.