SPKTRA ApS – Vision Control

Our History

The idea of SPKTRA came from a desire to innovate the hyperspectral camera technology, and make it more accessible and easy to adapt to existing quality control and automation lines. 

SPKTRA saw the opportunities hyperspectral cameras offered and began developing a new solution, partners became a part of the company and now we are working on making our solution broadly available.

We offer a complete solution, which is easy to use og can be handled without the need for extensive training and scalable machine vision integration solution to make small and medium sized companies able to ensure higher reliability and control with less work. 

Our hyperspectral vision system solution includes the camera, our intuitive software, lighting and processing power. 

This means that our solution is completely scalable and accessible to fulfill a wider range of quality control and automation allowing companies to free valuable resources. 

the team behind


Christina Houtved Pinderup Christensen

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Bjørn Dideriksen


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Christian Hansen

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