SPKTRA ApS – Vision Control

SPKTRA as a solution - Making the hidden visible

Our spectral imaging system is capable of capturing and processing information from an image that the human eye is not capable of seeing. This allows the system to detect irregularities and ensure reliable and quick quality control and automation. 

SPKTRA wants to make this technology available by combining these technologies in a complete solution. Our hyperspectral camera captures a vast amount of information from a single image, leading to significantly more accurate quality assessments in your production line. 

Our innovative software is designed in-house to provide affordable and accurate hyperspectral imaging solutions for quality analysis and automation control. Our in-house developed machine learning algorithms compares the captured data to a set of baseline data to produce a quality verdict.

All processing is handled on our secure in-house servers, ensuring the privacy and protection of your data. With all necessary certificates in place, our clients can trust that their information is being handled by a reliable and trustworthy company.

Our solution

For us to be able to design a hyperspectral solution for your quality or automation line, we believe that we should know you product. Therefor, we need a sample. We can test the sample at our location, and offer the best solution for you and your quality and automation line, making it completely scalable and easy to use. 

If you want to learn more please contact us at christina@spktra.com or call at +45 42 32 00 74