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Quality Control using Hyperspectral Imaging

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Hyperspectral Imaging in Food Quality

What is Hyperspectral Imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging software stands at the forefront of technological innovation and possesses tremendous promise within the sphere of food quality control. But what exacly is hyperspectral imaging? Imagine a regular camera taking a picture of an apple. The camera captures the visible colors such as red, green, and blue. A camera using hyperspectral imaging will capture the colors invisible for the human eye such as ultraviolet and infrared. 
Hyperspectral imaging offers non-invasive data collection to examine the unique ‘color fingerprint’ of different food items. By analyzing the extended range of colors, it is possible to determine the freshness of the apple, its ripeness, moisture levels, and even spot any potential issues like bacteria contaminations. Hyperspectral imaging emerges as a pivotal instrument, when ensuring food safety, uniformity, and overall excellence throughout the production cycle. 


Our latest model in hyperspectral imaging camera.


Quality assurance can be a daunting task. SPKTRA offer objective, traceable, and real-time quality control.


Interested in improving efficientcy and existing quality control? We have the solution for you.


We want to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of food production through vision inspection soultions.

A Case from the Real World

Experience a SPKTRA solution in real life.

Is the Future of Your Production Secured?

Our hyperspectral imaging for food quality analysis and control ensures reliable and continuous sorting in real-time. Our solution is highly advanced but require no need for experts! We bring the technical competences and leave the benefits for you to harvest. Together we define and specify the quality criteria for the specimens, such as:
  • Defects
  • Contaminants
  • Impurities
  • Missing limbs
  • Size
  • Freshness
  • More