SPKTRA ApS – Vision Control

The above rendition is not a true representation of the final product

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MKIII Hyperspectral camera

In combination with our InSpek software and SPKTRA light modules a complete hyperspectral vision solution can be realized without a single line of code or hyperspectral knowledge – simply take an image and mark which areas it is desired to separate and the camera is ready to be integrated into an existing setup.

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SPKTRA light moduls

SPKTRA’s light modules work in unison with our hyperspectral cameras to illuminate objects under inspection.

To utilize the full potential of our hyperspectral cameras it is important that light modules emit broad spectrum light in the spectrum where our hyperspectral cameras are sensitive.

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SPKTRA Neural Network &
Compute Engine

SPKTRA’s InSpek Software solution is custom tailored to our hyperspectral cameras. InSpek allows anyone to implement a fully functioning vision solution with our hyperspectral camera.