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Explore How We Implement Our Hyperspectral Imaging Camera for Food Quality

Danish Scampi Company

June 6th, 2023

A Danish scampi company sought to address production problems with hyperspectral imaging.



January 22nd, 2024

Why make MKIII resemble a regular camera? For usability and accessibility.


January 24th, 2024

Discover what hyperspectral imaging is, how it differs from RGB (Red, Green, Blue), and why hyperspectral imaging can revolutionize food quality control.

HSI in Food Production

January 30th, 2024

Hyperspectral imaging is a game-changer in food production. Manufacturers can elevate quality standards, safety protocols, processes, and meet the evolving demands of consumers.

VNIR (Visible to Near-Infrared)

February 6th, 2024

VNIR covers a broad spectral range from visible to near-infrared and is suitable for applications where broad-spectrum information is sufficient.